LaundryPay allows a customer to request that their account and personal data be deleted from our servers.  This procedure removes all personally identifiable information from the account and deactivates the account permanently.

Customers should ensure that they have no remaining balance in the app before requesting deletion.  Please see the manager at your location to request a refund. 

Once the account deletion has occurred, any balances remaining on the accounts will be irreversibly lost.  

If you still wish to delete your account, you must start the request from within the application. 

Please follow these steps:

If you are already logged into LaundryPay, please skip to STEP 3.


  • Start LaundryPay.  Click Login.


  • Fill in your email address and password.  If you cannot recall the password, please reset it using the forget password link above the blue login button.


  • Open the settings dialog box by touching the blue dot next to your name at the top of this page. 


  • Select the last menu option on the page in red, “Delete Account”.


  • Swipe Right to confirm

And you are done!  Your account will be deleted, and you will be logged out.

If you experience any problems completing this procedure, please click here.